[SOLD] WTS Amarr Jump Freighter pilot 23 mio Skillpoint PVP/PVE skillset


has positive isk, positve security status

no kill rights, no jump clones

is in Jita 4-4

around 23 million Skill points along PvP and PvP skills

Ark ready pilot

*EDIT: Buy out price 18.5 bill

Gonna start with 10 Bil cause those pvp skills are useless for a JF-character

12 bill

you could extract the “unnecessary” SP with a extractor, which give them worth…

True:) but than these sp are a little bit less worth cause buying skill extractors etc…but you probably already know this:D also, whats ur time schedule/ how long is the auction going to take/ is there any buyout price, dont want to wait forever/dont want to retract my offer at the end cause i win a different auction^^ so 14 Bil

Best Offer so far. Sale ends today (21st Jan.) at 22:00 Eve Time.

*EDIT: Buy out price 18.5 bill

You can have him.
awaiting payment…

Theemin will have time for payment until 22 eve time on the 22nd of January

14,1 Bil transfered from Tabit1 , awaiting transfer tomorrow (need to wait 10 hours, after one alt got biomassed) :slight_smile:

Payment recieved. Sale complete

Can you pls start the transfer to Tabit1 ?
Going to wait till 23.01 22:00 eve time, hopefully i get a mail by then that the transfer started:)

should be done…

I should have gotten the char by now and i didnt recive any email that the transfer started so i am waiting till midnight to recive a mail before i am going the Report you:/

Just wanted to confirm that it was no scam, he just accidently transfered it to the wrong char…the GM corrected it very fast:)

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