Looking to part ways with an Amarr Specialist PVP Pilot.

Click here for Skillboard Link

Click here for Killboard Link

All Amarr Skills, no wasted SP’s training for anything else.

✮ NPC Corp (Dropped Corp within the Last 10-minutes so please verify in game - Aquablue)
✮ No lossmails and green killboard
✮ No killrights
✮ Positive Wallet
✮ Located in High Sec
✮ Amarr PVP Specialist
✮ Perfect Jump Drive Skills
✮ Will be Capital Ship Ready in weeks
✮ 2 Bonus Remaps Available
✮ Cute as a button

Buyout is 65 Billion Isk and will not be sold to skill extractors - so it will only be worth the isk to someone who is actually in the market for a niche alt. Not much point pleading a case for the value of the character based on skill extraction, I’m well aware. The price is the price unfortunately.


Missed your post but appreciate the bump o/

Looks as though the skillboard finally reflects the NPC corp (at last)!

Offer 48b

52 billion

53 billion


54 billion

56 billion

Thanks for the bids - although I didn’t set this out to be an auction.

I’m online if anyone has questions.

check in game mail

57 billion

Isk received and I’ll have transfer underway in the next 10 mins or so.

I’ll provide an update ASAP.

For the sake of completeness.

Deal has been struck for 59.5billion.

Isk and Account information has been sent.

Trying to rush the transfer, being tired and not entirely with it, I’ve forgotten to transfer the Isk from Aquablue to my alt.

I’ve raised a ticket to CCP, alternatively, could you kindly send the isk once logged in to Jinyo (trade alt)

Yes no worries will do the transfer. It may not be immediately after the transfer is completed owing to the time zone and all, but rest assured it will be done in a timely manner.

Update: I am able to see the character under my account on the website. Unable to verify ingame as I am currently at work. I will confirm and transfer the isk, if CCP hasnt already, once I reach home in another 7-8 hours

Thank you for the update and not a problem o/

ISK has been sent to Jinyo. Please check and confirm. I have however kept 100mil

Appreciate the help and no worries keeping 100 mil isk :wink:… It offsets the mess I’ve made leaving Ventures everywhere under assets! The idea was to fit and donate starter ships for new players :roll_eyes: