SOLD Focused Jump Freighter Pilot (ARK and RHEA) 9.4M SP

Password - 001122

9.4 Mil SP and increasing
Two bonus remaps available
No corp history
No kill/loss mails
No jump clones
Positive wallet
Docked in High-sec - Jita

JDC IV training to V

Jump Freighter IV
Amarr Freighter IV
Caldari Freighter IV
Slots 1, 3 and 4 - standard training implants

All CCP rules apply - I pay the transfer fee.

Start bids 10Bil

Transfer will take place through CCP using PLEX


I’ll start you off with 6bn

6.1 bil

7B offer

7.1 bil

7.5 bil

7.6 bil

8 bil

8.1 bil

Thanks for the bids, going in the right direction.

Bumpy bump

Let me know if you are ok with 8.1. Isk is ready to go


Niska, I am in no rush to sell. Happy to let it run for a week or so or until the bids are closer to what I would like.

Keep the bids coming :slight_smile:

8.2 bil

No worries CeeDart


10b b/o if you want to sell today

:frowning: You had to ruin a good bidding war.

Offer sent via evemail.

Auction will close at 2000 Eve time, today, 28/03/2018

Ishtar Specialist, if you’re still the highest bidder then you will win.

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