SOLD Focused Jump Freighter Pilot 9.6Mil SP

(SarnBix) #1

9.6 Mil SP
Two bonus remaps available
No corp history
No kill/loss mails
Positive wallet
Docked in High-sec - Jita
Cybernetics IV
Jump Freighters IV
Caldari Freighters IV
Slots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 - standard implants
50k un-allocated skill points

All CCP rules apply - seller pays transfer fee.

Eveboard has gone crazy - shows me as having 23Mil SP - not correct. 9.6 Mil SP is correct.
Hopefully downtime will reset.
Battlecruisers and Cruisers are NOT Lvl 5
Missiles and Gunnery are NOT Lvl 5
Weapons Upgrades and Advanced Weapons Upgrades are NOT Lvl 5

WTB JF pilot
(Madison Breese) #2

6billion good for the next 12 hours

(SarnBix) #3

Thanks for the offer but I will let it run.

(Hallabackgirll) #4

This toon flys the ARK then? Ill bid 9b isk ready tonight

(SarnBix) #5

Thanks for the bid, there’s another in-game bid for 9Bil.

(SarnBix) #6

Bump ,

(SarnBix) #7

Bumpy bump

(Chopsuey Starclasher) #8

9.5b b/o

(Hallabackgirll) #9

10b ready to go now.

(Chopsuey Starclasher) #10


(Hallabackgirll) #11

11 b is ready

(Chopsuey Starclasher) #12


(Hallabackgirll) #13

12 b ready

(Chopsuey Starclasher) #14


(Hallabackgirll) #15

13.5 b ready

(SarnBix) #16

Accept 13.5Bil.

Please send ISK and account name in game. I will start the transfer in 2018 :slight_smile:

(SarnBix) #17

Happy New Year!

(SarnBix) #18

Looks like Hallabackgirll has cold feet.

Chopsuey Starclasher, your bid of 12.5 Bil wins, if not still interested then,

the Sale is still on.

(Hallabackgirll) #19

I will do 12b right now I’m sorry about this

(Chopsuey Starclasher) #20

All of my bids withdrawn, not dealing with someone jacking the price and then backing out.