SOLD Focused Jump Freighter Pilot 9.6Mil SP

Chopsuey, totally understandable.

Hallaback, this is a strange situation, doesn’t feel right.

The bid is clearly more than you wanted to give. I am going to cancel your bid and start again.

Right, this character is still for sale, \o/

If you’re restarting the bids I’ll go 10.5b b/o offer

Thanks for the bid. I will let it run for a few days.

ill bid 12b b/o offer good for the next 5 hours

Bid of 12Bil accepted. Thanks.

Please send isk and account name in-game and I will get the CCP ticket raised for the transfer.

isk and account info sent awaiting confirmation

isk and account information sent.

ooh I see that was meant for jack apologies

ISK received from Jack Kreacher.

Transfer to Jack Kreacher initiated with CCP .

thank you very much fly safe 07 any word on how long?

John Canathen.

Fortunately, no ISK or info received from you (despite your earlier post) as you did not win the auction.

No probs, CCP length of time, usually pretty quick though.

Transfer complete. It took less than 12 hours, well done CCP.

character received. fly safe 07

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