SOLD Focused Caldari Jump Freighter Pilot

(TidNes) #1

Want to Sell: PiiRad

Buyout 13 Bil

One bonus remaps available
No corp history
No kill/loss mails
Positive wallet
Docked in High-sec - Jita
Cybernetics IV
JDC IV training to V
Jump Freighters IV
Caldari Freighters IV
Slots 1, 3 and 4 - standard implants

All CCP rules apply - seller pays transfer fee.

(popsyourpods) #2

ill give u 8 bil b/o

(TidNes) #3

Thanks, hold that thought.

I have a tentative 13Bil bid, I am waiting for a response.

(popsyourpods) #4

he might have just given up, hand that puppy over :wink:

(TidNes) #5

PiiRad says: “… but at that price you really don’t respect me. Just like a man to try and buy a girl cheaply”.

(popsyourpods) #6

Yes but you must never give a flower to much water :blush:

(Queo Provisor) #7

10 Bil

(TidNes) #8

Thanks for the bid.

As above, I will let you know if the 13Bil bid falls through.

(popsyourpods) #9

ill give u 11 b/o

(popsyourpods) #10


(Queo Provisor) #11

11.5 Bil

(popsyourpods) #12

13b b/o

(Queo Provisor) #13

13.5 Bil

(TidNes) #14

Highest bid at 2200 eve time wins

(TidNes) #15

Queo Provisor’s bid of 13.5Bil accepted.

Please send isk and account name to PiiRad, in-game, in order to start the transfer process.

(popsyourpods) #16

:14bo :0

(TidNes) #17

Sorry, bid was too late. I have already accepted Queo Provisor’s bid.

Queo Provisor is the winner.

(Brock Khans) #18


(popsyourpods) #19

os well

(TidNes) #20

Sorry about that. Keep an eye out though in case the deal doesn’t complete.