WTS Caldari / Missile Pilot - 25 mil SP


  • Caldari Frigate V
  • Caldari Destroyer V
  • Caldari Cruiser V
  • Caldari Battleship V
  • Caldari Industrial V
  • Covert Ops V
  • Excellent missile skills (8.2 mil SP)
  • 3.3 mil SP in Engineering
  • 2 Bonus Remaps
  • Great name (and great at stealth bombing)

Located in Jita. Positive Wallet. Positive Sec Status

All CCP Rules apply.
Starting Bid: 20 bil
Buyout: Make Offer


23 b/o rn

23 bil Buyout accepted. Please send isk and account info.

Sent from Destiny Jaded

Please start transfer ASAP

ISK and account info received. Contacted CCP for transfer. Thank you

I kinda wanted it transferred last night so I could use it for an excursion now. Could you cancel it, and refund 22.5 bil (keep 500 mil as a sorry)

Never Mind

Full refund sent back (23 bil). No need for me to keep 500 mil, but thank you.

Keep in mind, even if i had started the transfer the moment you sent isk, you still wouldn’t have had the new toon when you wanted. There is a transfer delay that exists with all character transfers.

I’m sorry we couldn’t work out this deal. Fly safe o7

Back up for sale!



22.5b bo

Accepted. Please send isk and account info

isk and account name sent sorry for the delay

Isk and account name received. Contacted CCP for transfer. Thank you!

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