WTS Caldari / missile focused pilot, 23.7M SP


(Bomb Tombadil) #1

I am for sale: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Bomb_Tombadil (pass. 123)

  • 2 bonus remaps
  • Covert Ops V
  • Caldari Frigate V / Destroyer V / Cruiser V / Battleship V
  • Excellent missile skills
  • Great for missions and stealth bombing
  • Parked at Jita in starter corp with positive wallet and no killrights, character has small troll bounty (thanks Jita)

All CCP rules apply to sale and transfer.

Bidding can start at 17B.

B/O 20B.

(Harry Quinn China) #2

Your link has failed

(Regal Nightmare) #3

Seasons Greetings Bomb Tombadil

15b…will be used as my main (not for resale profiteering)
I have similar offers currently outstanding on 2 other toons

I will buy the first character who accepts my offer…


(Dark Dystopia) #4

17 bil

(Regal Nightmare) #5

conceeds ^^ to Dark Dystopia : )

(Bomb Tombadil) #6

Bump. Added 20B B/O.

(ToniLux Miromme) #7


(Dark Dystopia) #8

18 bil

(Bomb Tombadil) #9

Edited OP to add character received small troll bounty while parked in Jita :roll_eyes:

If you are happy to proceed I will accept your offer. Please send ISK and account name to this character (preferably put account name as reason, and send separate EVE mail to confirm account name) and upon receipt I will immediately begin transfer.

(Dark Dystopia) #10

ISK, Account Name, and Evemail has all been sent.

Thank you.

(Bomb Tombadil) #11

ISK received, thank you. Character transfer has been initiated.

(system) #12

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