SOLD! WTS 34.4M SP Caldari

Wallet Balance: 70k
Location: Jita 4-4
Kill rights: None
Jump clones: Jita 4-4

15b offer

I can offer 16.1 B

16bYou can start any time

16.5 whenever

I think the offer can be higher

this one sold for 23b yesterday, don’t let these scalpers f you.

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extraction value is roughly 15.25b before taxes depending on skills according to sell order value in jita of skill extractors and injectors and the character only has 75m in implants, congratulations to that person for getting that price for that character, probably because it was specialized into a tengu with minimal wasted skill points, this character has skills all over and would need to be refined or skilled further to fly some of the ships trained on this pilot like gall battleship 5 with no drone/gun skills which is a waste, i’ll offer 17.5b b/o as I plan on keeping the toon and training it further but I won’t overpay for a toon inwhich extraction/skill value is not there.

Probably you have missed but Caldari Strategic Cruiser already at lvl5 as same as Caldari and Gallente Battleships. Sorry, but if you are trying to compare this character and as you are saying “specialized on tengu” which was sold for quite bigger price then it sounds like a nonsense =)

caldari strategic cruiser 5 but subsystems 4 :confused:

Yeap, which will take 15-16 days without changing current remap for those who will be willing have it trained to lvl5. I guess BS lvl5 for Rattle worth more than that

18B offer

A bit more and we can make a deal



@Punisher_Hilanen I’ll match your last offer of 18bil if you are still ready to sell


Sorry, just came back to the city. Does your offer is still valid?

@Punisher_Hilanen ISK and account info sent

@Libby_Fischer Thanks. ISK received. Character transfer initiated

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