WTS Tengu/Caldari Focused Missile pilot

As the title suggests, I am looking to sell myself. skills can be found here : Skills

Pilot has Positive wallet, located in HS and has multiple jump clones all located in HS.

I will pay transfer fee.

No timeline for sale, not in a rush to sell, lowball offers will not be entertained.

Start Bid: 40b
Buyout: Open to sensible/reasonable offers, feel free to leave your bids here, any offer made in game would need to be backed up on this thread for transparency


1st bid in, not a terrible start, consider this a bump for the day

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To the top one last time, closing auction tomorrow at 19:00 eve time, If no deal made I will be extracting skills

To the top, last few hours before skill extracted,


46bn offer accepted, wont be home from work for 8 hrs or so, please evemail account details and send isk to this character, will transfer when I am home

ISK and account information sent 0530 EST (0930 Eve) October 26th

isk and account details received, transfer started

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