WTS 7.3m SP Tengu/Missile toon (SOLD)

Looking to sell my Caldari Pilot

Can fly tengu Sub systems at IV
Good Engineering skills
Can use T2 ham’s
Can use level 1 research agents,

No kill rights,

Positive Sec Status,
Located in Jita 4-4

Starting bid 5b Buyout 6.5b-7B

5 Bil Bid

5,5 bil

Will go for 6b whoever can offer that before downtime gets him, will be on that toon for that time frame :slight_smile:

6b b/o

Send isk and account info and i will start transfer

Account Info and Isk sent.

It has been roughly 24 hours and character has not been transferred to my account yet?

Support ticket filed.

Character Received, please close.

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