WTS 6.8M SP Tengu Pilot


-Cool name
-Clean killboard/corp history
-Caldari Cruiser V, Heavy Assault Missiles V
-Decent support skills
-Standard learning implants

Bids welcome, buy out 8b


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Bump up

he cant even sit in the tengu. Missing shield operation 5, navigation 5, and sub systems skills.

I offer 4.5b

offer 4.7b cant sit in tengu : ( isk ready

Sorry I have been away with work. Happy to take 5b

5b offered, ISK ready

offer retracted

4.2b offered, isk ready

I accept your price of 5.0b for this character.
In game mail sent, please confirm. Thanks

I currently have 3 bids of 5b…

bid 5.2bil

Bid accepted. ISK received and character started transfer.

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