21m SP + 1m free SP Focused Near Perfect Tengu Explorer Alt

Pilot for sale


Decent name, decent looks, great exploration Tengu character, High Grade Crystal clone

T2 HAMs, Heavies, Lights, Caldari Cruiser Level 5, all Caldari Subsystems Level 5

Missiles - Level 5 Rapid Launch, Missile Launcher Operation, Missile Bombardment
Shields - Level 5 Shield Operation, Shield Management, Shield Compensation
Engineering - Level 5 CPU, PG, Weapon Upgrades, Cap Management, Cap Systems Operations, Electronic Upgrades
Misc - Level 5 Cybernetics, Navigation, Target Management, Drones

Starting bid : 20b
Auction runs for a week to 27/05/19 or until a Buyout is accepted


Too low but thanks for the bump Kara


Thanks for looking Banker, not enough for a BO but I’ll take it as a bid for now.

20bil for today

Thanks for the offer, not quite enough for a BO but will keep it in mind as a bid.

Bumpity bump

22 Billion buyout

Further bump, close to an acceptable BO amount

24 Billion buyout

Seems a fair offer, I’ll give it until 15:00 today and accept the BO if no further offers are made.

Hello Y_Quiel is your BO still active?

Yes Ovi, ready to send isk and account details.

Ok good, just moving character to Hi Sec, please send isk and an evemail with acc to transfer to

isk and account details sent.

Isk an acc name received, character transfer shortly

Transfer initiated

Mail confirmation received. Thanks

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