16.5m Tengu pilot for sale

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to look.

Confirming I am for sale: Jenny Adams

Highlights include:

  • Caldari Cruiser V
  • All Tengu Subsystems V
  • Very Good Shield and Missile Skills
  • Good Basic Skills

Also have 256k unallocated SP
Located in Jita
Wallet positive
Implants can be seen on character sheet.
No kill rights
In NPC corp

Bids starting at 7B
B/O 18B

Thanks again for looking :slight_smile:

7 bil

8 billion



Bids noted. Thanks

what is noted mea?

It means I’ve seen your bids and I’m aware of them.

16.5b offer

OK,18b B/O

18B b/o confirmed and accepted. If you transfer isk and send account information I will begin character transfer as soon as I get online, this will be in about 5 hours.

The ISK and account had sent to Jenny Adams in game.U can tranfer the character.Thank you.

ISK and account info received, transfer is now underway.

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