WTS 15M SP Focussed Tengu-Pilot

I am selling myself: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Alekta_Mageira


  • Caldari Cruiser V
  • All Tengu Subsystems V
  • Cybernetics V
  • Very Good Shield and Missile Skills
  • Good Basic Skills

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Located in high sec, no jump clones
NPC Corp

Bids starting at 14B
B/O 17B

I’ll start at 14

Thank you for starting this off. Bid noted.


Thanks! Bid noted.


Will offer 15b

Thank you. Bid noted.

I will let this auction run until tomorrow night or until the B/O is reached. I will transfer the char to the highest bidder on Monday.

Anyone bidding more that the 15b offered by Picking Rocks?

Picking Rocks are you still interested? I will let this run for another hour, if no offered comes in it’s all yours.

yes still interested

16b if still available

It is still open as I went to bed and didn’t finalize the auction. I will leave it open for 4 more hours, so that Picking Rocks is able to respond with a new offer. Otherwise it will go to Isabella Korzana.

will pass

Isabella Korzana in this case, shall we just finalize the deal now? If you send me the ISK and account info, I will close the auction and start the transfer.

Hey sorry for the delay. Let me know when you’re ready to do the transfer and I’ll send the isk over

Isabella Korzana If you send me the ISK and the account info (per ingame mail) I will proceed this now. Will have to wait for a GM to process the transfer as I want to do it with plex.

How long does it usually take for GMs to process and transfer character?

Last time I did it, it was done within 24h.