WTS 118M SP Tengu/Orca/mining/foreman/freighter/cyno/cloak and more

(Io Matua Kore) #1

Selling Caldari pilot, can fly loads of different ships and carry out many roles, check him out at http://eveboard.com/pilot/Io_Matua_Kore

Currently docked at Jita with positive wallet and jump clone in same system, with 512000 unallocated SP

Hoping for around 100B but open to offers



(ISD Bubblemoon) #3

Please provide the working eveboard link

(Indy 555) #4

Correct http://eveboard.com/pilot/Io_Matua_Kore

(Io Matua Kore) #5

Apologies, the link has been corrected.

(Io Matua Kore) #6

Bump :heart:

(Io Matua Kore) #7

One more bump

(Maizie Fields) #8


(Io Matua Kore) #9

Character no longer for sale