63.6M SP Caldari Main, Freighter/Mining/scanning

For sale 60B. - relisted due to rules issue


with a little effort would make a great cap pilot, currently a great mission runner, bounce back from the super nerf and grab a golem!

-near max shield
-lvl 5 caldari frig-bs
-near max scanning
-near max missiles (t2 torps, cruise, ham ect)
-Great drones
-Exhumers/barge /refinement skills

revamp available now
ok set of inplants
one jump clone is lowsec
toon located in highsec (jita)
positive wallet
no killrights

43B offer

44 bil

bump, first 55B offer gets him.

45b offer

bump! 55B gets him.


45.5 bil

btw, don’t push your luck. 55B is not a realistic price

46B offer

47 bil


49 bil

sold, send isk and account info

can you be precise, is it sold to me?

yes it is sold to TxiVYawg1 for 49B isk.

isk and account info sent

sorry for the delay, sent to account. thank you, up to ccp now!


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