WTS 30 mil SP Tengu Focused & Covert Cyno Alt

100% Caldari pilot without unnecessary skills. Good name and is ready for transfer.


Born Date: 2015.08.31 (no Mining Frigate skill)
Two clones:
* High-grade Talon set & missile hardwiring implants
* +5 attribute & missile hardwiring implants
Has standing for running Serpentis lev 4 missions and is close to Angel lev 4 missions
No kill rights
Positive wallet
Security status 1.3
Remap available in one month
Located in Jita

Price: 30B






I am willing to offer 25b to purchase this character, but I hope to receive a response as soon as possible. If I do not receive a response for a long time, I will give up

Hi, thank you for your offers, but the price is 30B

OK 30b!!

ISK and email have been sent, please initiate transfer as soon as possible

I just started the character transfer. Thank you!

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