WTS Caldari missile pilot nearly 49m SP


I’m for sale, perfect mission runner, in a well equipped Tengu he breezes through level 4 missions and has great standings with the Caldari Navy.

Character has positive wallet balance and no killrights. Currently located in Funtainen.

All ccp rules apply.

Has a full HG Crystal set plugged in and another with plus 4 implants in high sec.

Skills here

Start bid 30B

Buyout offers entertained.

mail sent

30b offer

Howdy. Is it a full HG set? Skillboard is only showing the first 5.

35b offer.

Evening 36b o7

Cool. Sent you in game mail.

37b offer.



Will set the buyout at 45B but will accept citizens offer if this is the winning bid, this character will sell.


45b buyout.

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Buyout accepted, please send isk and account name and i will begin the transfer process.


Isk sent

Isk received and transfer initiated.

Thank you.

Character received. Thanks!

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