WTS 58m focused caldari pvp char SOLD SOLD!

58,382,474 mil skillpoints
can fly tengu, all caldari recons,golem, caldari battlecruisers and the nighthawk and much more


jump clone are in highsec
Transfer fee will be covered by me
can do lvl 4 missions in dodixie
full highgrade crystal set
located in dodixe
sec status -0.58
positive wallet
no kill rights
starting bid 40bil
buyout 50bil

40 bil

me in the middle 45?

I will buy it for 45 bil.

ok waiting for isk so it can be transfered

Ok, give me 1 hour please :slight_smile:

il be going to work in half an hour

No worries then, I will send you the money and info when I will be ready and you will initiate the transfer when you get home from work, ok?

Sorry for the delay, money and acc info sent :slight_smile:

no worries transfer is done and fee paid

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