(SOLD) WTS 15m Combat focused toon

(Jimmy Marbels) #1

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Jimmy_Marbels is eveboard.

Caldari Frig V
Caldari Destroyer V
Caldari Cruiser V
4/5 Tengu Subsystems V ( Not sure why I don’t have the 5th even injected…whoops )

Heavy/HAM/Light missile V
Small Hybrid V

Most of the core skills V
2 Remaps available

Start Bids at 10b
Leave offers on this thread, won’t be on this toon much.


(Brann Skye) #2

I’ll start you off with a 9B offer!

(Jimmy Marbels) #3

Appreciate the bid. Bump for more offers

(Skir Melkan) #4

Ill do 10b

(Skullbong) #5

Mail sent, but will do 11b quick transfer.

(Skir Melkan) #6

11.5b then

(Grim Jim) #7


(Jimmy Marbels) #8

13b B/O and I’ll initiate xfer today. I’ll be on for a few hours

(Grim Jim) #9

12.5b B/O isk ready

(Jimmy Marbels) #10

Accepted. Xfer the ISK and account name and I’ll initiate .

Thanks. Please mark sold CCP

(Grim Jim) #11

Isk and accountl name sent, thx

(Jimmy Marbels) #12

03 Feb 2018 01:31

EVE Character transfer

Payment Method
Card ending in ****
Account Information

EVE Character transfer

Transfered. Thank you again

(system) #13

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