WTS 20 Mil SP 2014 Toon

For Sale if the price is right


Caldari Industrial 5
Great mining skills
Many Shield skills to 5

Located in Amarr + wallet

lets see those offers.

8 bill

10 bil

Thanks for the offers but looking for a little more.

Could you give me an idea of what you’re looking for?

Do you have a number in mind?

Looking for 15B I have 25 days of game time left on this account .

I’ll up my bid to 11b.

Game time doesn’t transfer with the character, as that’s tied with the account, so unfortunately I can’t take that into consideration.

11.5bil buyout offer

come up to 13B im online and ready to start transfer!!

i’ll do 12bil as my maximum offer

Offer accepted send info and Isk will start transfer

isk and account info sent

Received both will start transfer

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