Selling myself! 20M+ SP

(Kittania Everlasting) #1

Im a 20M+ sp character and a decent T3 pilot.
Check out my stats @

I am looking at 16B isk or 20B buyout.
Im in no hurry to leave my master, so pay me a decent amount of isk and we will talk to eachother.
Please mail me ingame with serious offers, id might not be here often.


Kittania Everlasting

(Sisa Amatin) #2

14 bil

(Kittania Everlasting) #3

One B more please and we have a deal :slight_smile:

(Amarr D'mee) #4

I’ll do 14.5b

(Kittania Everlasting) #5

Amarr D’mee thank you for your offer, still looking for 500M more please. I need to pay for transfer aswell eh :slight_smile:

(Amarr D'mee) #6

14.5 is the most i can stretch to. It’s a shame because the character is perfect for me.

(Amarr D'mee) #7

I’ve gotten your mail in-game I’m still happy with paying 14.5bil. If you’re happy to go on I will send the ISK when you’ve confirmed on here.

(Kittania Everlasting) #8

I am sold to Amarr D’mee!

We will discus further steps ingame.

Thank you.

(Amarr D'mee) #9

Character received. Thanks again

(system) #10

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