Buying 20-40 Mil sp PVP Pilot!


(Amie Parbhoe Legend) #1

Start linking pilots !

(Michael Jew) #2


(Amie Parbhoe Legend) #3

how much?

(Michael Jew) #4

17b ?

(Amie Parbhoe Legend) #5

Are u online right now?

(Michael Jew) #6

yes, but I just realised I gotta pay for the transfer, you would you still be interested if the price went up a bit?
If not then sorry to waste your time mate.

(Amie Parbhoe Legend) #7

Uhm How much would it be?

(Michael Jew) #8

I know this isn’t something people like to hear but how much would you be willing to pay?

(Amie Parbhoe Legend) #9

I cant really say right now , because i was gonna sell all my assets and remove market orders for that .

(Michael Jew) #10

I am new to this, I saw a couple of 17.5b bids on 20mil characters so I am just trying to get the best deal I can get you know :slight_smile:

(Amie Parbhoe Legend) #11

ok m8 , can u get online ? so we can talk there…

(Michael Jew) #12

I am online, start a convo when you ready mate

(Amie Parbhoe Legend) #13

done m8

(Amie Parbhoe Legend) #14

17.9 Bill isk

(Michael Jew) #15

Wallet balance is positive.
no kill rights.
2 jump clones in 0.0, 1 clone in jita (will jump to that before the transfer)
character is in jita 4-4 caldari navy assembly plant station
SOLD FOR 17.9Billion isk

(Amie Parbhoe Legend) #16

Isk And Account Info Sent !

(Michael Jew) #17

character transfer process started, nice donig business with you

(Amie Parbhoe Legend) #18

thank you too !

(system) #19

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