WTS 17m SP Minmatar/Gall Pilot - Mach, VNI capable

17Mil SP Pilot For Sale


PW: evesucks

Begin Price: 14 Bil ISK
Buyout: 18 Bil ISK

Wallet Balance will be positive, there are no Kill Rights on Character. 2 JC’s.

Located in High Sec in NPC Corp. I will pay cost of transfer. Will come with no assets. Killboard is positive also.
Standings for LV4 SOE missions.

Would take 15.5bn now - next hour only.

Sorry too low. Thanks

Ok 15.5bn is fine, still keen to proceed?

I am now if you want to start the transfer before DT

ok evemail me your account name and isk and ill get it started :slight_smile:

15.5B now

OK payment received with account details.

Transfer started - enjoy! :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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