(WTS) 7.8mil sp Minmatar Mach starter pilot [SOLD]

(Rave Musana) #1

Eveskillboard Link

  • Positive wallet.
  • T2 Large Projectiles.
  • Core energy, shield and armor and drone skills trained.
  • No employment history.
  • Thukker Tribe Level 4 mission ready.
  • Three (3) skill remaps available.
  • Located in Hek.

Looking for only 6.5b firm. This is a PLEX transfer sale.

(Texas Hold'em) #2

6b buyout offer. Offer good for 24 hours.

(Rave Musana) #3

bump for visibility.

(Aida Lauren) #4

6.5 b

(Rave Musana) #5

Hi Aida,

Your offer is accepted. Please send isk and an evemail with your account info. Note that this is a Plex transfer so the final character transfer will be in the GM’s hands after I make the petition.

(Aida Lauren) #6

I have sent isk and account info via ingame mail.
And it is alright no rush
Just let me know about the progress here
thank you

(Rave Musana) #7

Hi AIda,

I’ve submitted a ticket with the information provided. Will evemail you the support ticket #. Hang tight.

(Aida Lauren) #8

Character recieved.
Thank you
Fly safe

(system) #9

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