[SOLD] WTS PvP Minmatar Cap Pilot 54 M SP

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Rey_Skywar pw: yolo12

Hi There, I want to sell my lovely Char. he has a great Name clean corp history and focused skills.

Minmatar PvP Cap pilot

Starting bid is 35B

Highest bid wins

positive Wallet

No Kill rights

Location in High-Sec

37b Buyout offer.

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38 bil

i will accept 40B Buyout immidiatly

40 bil buyout OK

accept your offer waiting for isk

ISK and account information sent.

character transfered

somehow it transfered the wrong char. i write a support ticket

Character now Sucsessfully Transfered With the help from Support. Thank you

Character received, thank you.

It was even faster this way, didn’t had to wait for the 10 hours timer, lol.

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