*SOLD* WTS - 14.8m Minmatar PVP Pilot


(Space Plonker) #1

Selling myself.


Pure Minmatar skills with some Gallente to fly hybrid ships. Will come with no assets or isk. 1 neural remap available and 2 bonus ones. 845k unallocated SP too. No Kill rights. Located in Jita 4-4.

Full set of Mid Grade one on clone. Sec Status is -9.97.
Another set of +5s in a clone in Jita and also another empty clone in Jita.

Start bidding at 5bn. Auction end Monday Downtime or when amount is sufficient.

Any questions please just ask. Thanks

(Michele Kalkoken) #2

i’l… start you at 6b

(Perpetualed) #3

7 billion.

(Panzer Iron) #4

8bn to bid.

(Perpetualed) #5

8.5 billion.

(TxivYawg1) #6

9 bil

(Panzer Iron) #8

9.5 bil

(Michele Kalkoken) #9


(Panzer Iron) #10

found another char sorry

(Space Plonker) #11

Ok less than 24 hours to go :slight_smile:

Although getting close to what I am looking for!

(Space Plonker) #12

Next serious bid gets me :smile:

(claude Adolph) #13

I will treat your character well.

(Space Plonker) #14

Winning so far…only an hour to go!

Treat is mean though…doesn’t deserve love for its evil past…

(Space Plonker) #15


Message me ingame with transfer information and I’ll get it sorted.

(claude Adolph) #16

The game has been confirmed that 10.5 billion ISK has been paid.

(Space Plonker) #17

Thanks payment received - transfer has been started.

Enjoy the character :slight_smile:

(system) #18

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