WTS 83.8m SP Minmatar focused PVE/PVP/Mining

This Minmatar Pilot born in 2012 was mostly focused on supporting corpmates so he is not currently designed for capital ships but has high core skills.

This pilot has a broad range of skills for Missions/Combat/Mining
13 drone skills lvl 5
10 Armor skills at lvl 5
8 Engineering skills at lvl 5
14 Gunnery skills at lvl 5 - all Artillery/Autocannon skills maxed including Med/Lrg specializations
14 Missile skills at lvl 5
10 Shield skills at lvl 5
11 Spaceship Command skills at lvl 5 (11.8 m sp)
7 Targeting skills at lvl 5
Eve Skillboard Info

Unallocated SP - 650,000

With skills, all Standings are near or above 2.0
2 Clones - One in Null FM-JK5 VI - RIP Vile Rat (no assets) second in Parses VI
3 Neural Remaps
positive wallet
no kill rights
sec.status - 1.01

Starting bid - 60 bil
Bid increment - 1 bil
Reserve price - hidden
Buyout - 70 bil

All CCP rules apply

I bid 60b to start.

70B, I am willing to buy her, I hope you pay the transfer fee with a credit card, because I want to use him as soon as possible

Buyout Accepted.

Please send ISK and account name to myself in game mail and I will process right away.

Let me know if you want him sent to a specific location in highsec

Receive a reply, I will pay ISK immediately after creating a new account

ISK Recieved. Transfer processing. Enjoy!

15 hours ago, I notified the transfer account by email during the game. I want to know when it can be done

I got a reciept that said everything was done. Just checked and it said it wasn’t. Not sure why, but I just processed it again and the pilot is not on my account so I assume it is all done this time.

Under normal circumstances, you need to provide me with a screenshot of the bill at the time of transfer.

I have seen in my account that the role transfer should be completed at 3:45 on January 15, 2020. But I haven’t seen the role yet. I think we need to submit a support request to the CCP for this

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