WTS 39.9m sp Minmatar Very Focused

WTS a Pilot I have not used for a few years now. Focused Minmatar pilot trained for Blops, Mach, Almost perfect scanning skills. Cyno hunter. A few clones with implants and cosmetic items etc.

No Extractors please.

Starting Bid 40b
Will do instant B/O for right offer


30bil buyout

31 bil

31.5 bil

32 bil


33 bil

39 Billion buyout offer


Bump for

Offer 40B Please give me an answer as soon as possible

Will do B/O for 45b

42B ready

I agree to your offer. isk and acc has been sent

b/o accepted please confirm account name in game for transfer. Thanks

Please check EVE game email

Transfer Started please confirm. Thanks

I received it. Thank you very much

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