WTS 46.5m Focused Combat Pilot

(R Rahl) #1

I have a positive wallet
I am located in High Sec
I do not have any jump clones
I have a positive sec status

You can find my stats here Stats

I have 15.8m in gunnery!

Looking to get 40 billion or best offer

(Debbie Walker) #2

34.5b now.

Its all i have.

One moments ago were sold a very similar ( 34.5b now.

Its all i have.

One moments ago were sold a very similar (

) in 33b i offer you 34.5b

By the way, you must do the thread with the char you are selling ) in 33b i offer you 34.5b

(R Rahl) #3

Thank you, and yes, I immediately corrected the problem. I will wait to see if I can get much closer to the 40 billion mark.

(R Rahl) #5

Merry Christmas,

Daily bump

Looking to get as close to the 40 billion mark as possible.

(Sell it) #6

Will check the market situation and maybe make you an offer tonight

(R Rahl) #7

Daily bump, reduced price to 38 billion! after Christmas sale lol

(R Rahl) #8

If you are still interested, I think we can make a deal.

(R Rahl) #9

Daily bump, reduced price 35 billion or best offer

(Final Liu) #10

35 b/o

(R Rahl) #11

sold, please send Isk and transfer account info.

Thanks :grinning:

(R Rahl) #12

I accept your b/o offier of 35 billion Isk, please send transfer info and Isk


(Final Liu) #13

In game now give me 30min

(Final Liu) #14

Give me a ingame mail please

(R Rahl) #15

isk received and account name, commencing character transfer

(R Rahl) #16

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: R Rahl

Will be completed after: 12/28/2017 1:44:00 AM


(system) #17

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