SOLD | WTS 44.4M Combat Pilot

*44,469,418 Skillpoints, 45,255 unallocated

  • positive wallet, comes with a few assets
  • has standing for Caldari Navy lvl 5 missions
  • set up for Lai Dai datacore farming, comes with over 20,000 LP
  • jump clone to Thera
  • 2 remaps available
  • have no KillRights
  • member of an NPC Corporation
  • I receive the ISK, I pay the transfer


31 bil

daily bump

32B cash

35B would be my lower limit. Thanks for the offers though.

ok i can offer 35B but Im bidding multiple auctions now, once one of the sellers accepted my offer Id withdral all other offers. cheers

36B offer
would need it as fast as possible

37 B/O

@Lonzoppina I can do 37B.

Message me the account along with payment, and I can transfer today.

hello the transfer as it will be done with paper or with plex

Character still available. @hipi66_Adoudel let me know if your still interested. 36B, can transfer soon if you need.

would you take 36B b/o ? can do it now

@Eva_Govlia Sure, lets make a deal.

ok doing now

ISK and info sent, pls check.

Payment received by @Eva_Govlia, character transfer in progress.

Crap! Did not update page after you took first B/O offer. :rage:

toon received cheers

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