WTS 44M Skillpoint Pilot [Character Sold]

(Primal Tear) #1

I am for sale.


Located in Amarr. No jump clones. No kill rights. Positive sec status. Positive wallet.

30 bil starting bid.

(Primal Tear) #2

Bump to the top

(The Durantis) #3

25b b/o

(LLL 201) #4

26 Bid

(The Durantis) #5

32b b/o final

(Primal Tear) #6

I’ll accept 32 bil. I can get on in about 6 hours to do the transaction. Does that work?

(Primal Tear) #7

Still for sale.

(Ella Goose) #8

31B b/o

(Primal Tear) #9

I’ll do 31 bil. Online now if you want to transfer.

(Ella Goose) #10

Isk and account info sent

(Primal Tear) #11

Thank you.

Character transfer initiated. Editing thread title to reflect character has been sold.

(Ella Goose) #12

Email received. Thank you!

(system) #13

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