SOLD WTT Nid/Hel Minmatar Pilot 46.5m

Hi, because a unrelated thing, (never said to your son NO GANK and have a char named in this way) i wanna trade this char for another of similar points, can put or receive some isk if needed.

I dont know what i am seeking, offer for him.

i only have 20b, and i consider that’s not enough

Yes i am for trade or sell.

Answer the thread please.

Bump, the char is available for trade.

30b offer

no thanks. I get more extracting and selling the injectors.


33b offer

if u can do 33.5 is a deal.

Disclaimer, i need go to fund my credit card, then i can do deliver in two hours aprox.

I can go 33,5 b, but give me time, need to find 1 bil and a half somewhere, prolly will have it in the evening or so XD

Ok, then i go tu fund my CC =) send the isk and acc name and i deliver as soon i can

Isk received and account., need some minutes to pass my itesm to other pilot.

Sure, haha, I was about to post here that I’ve sent the money and acc info and you did it faster than me :slight_smile:

Ready for transfer, having problems to log to

Was transferred one moment ago, i have some problems with the page (near ten minutes opening …)

please confirm you receive the transfer mail.

Confirming, got the transfer mail, thanks!

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