WTS 32 Mil SP Sheet Hel Pilot

(Gary Bell) #1

Looking to sell this 32 mil Sp sheet Hel char.

He has Mid-Grade Slaves if that matters… He has Positive wallet and all that. I pay transfer fee… Would like him gone asap. Extractor price or a bit over is all I want as I am re purposing the isk into other things.

I will post below with his confirmation… Just message Gary if your interested in buying him.


Would like starting bid at like 27
Buyout I would say is like 29

(Bayaz Altol) #2

For Sale

(Metastatic Hyperplasia) #3

29bill B/O

(Gary Bell) #4

Sold Convo me ingame

(Metastatic Hyperplasia) #5

Isk sent

(Gary Bell) #6

Petition sent for plex transfer

(Metastatic Hyperplasia) #7

Still no character transfer notice from CCP…what’s up?

(Gary Bell) #8

They have been getting slower and slower… Lemme go ask on the petition thing

(Gary Bell) #9

You would think they would fix it so we can do it with plex and save themselves the hassle

(Gary Bell) #10

Just added to the petition… Sometimes it takes 24 hours but they transfer immediately when they process the petition so there is no 10 hour wait

(Metastatic Hyperplasia) #11

Still nothing? This is getting strange.

(Gary Bell) #12

If it doesent go today ill use my card… they are usually faster then this

(Metastatic Hyperplasia) #13

Sorry forgot to update–received toon, thanks very much Gary, i know it was CCP taking a little extra time there. GF!

(system) #14

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