WTS 32 Mil SP Sheet Hel Pilot

Looking to sell this 32 mil Sp sheet Hel char.

He has Mid-Grade Slaves if that matters… He has Positive wallet and all that. I pay transfer fee… Would like him gone asap. Extractor price or a bit over is all I want as I am re purposing the isk into other things.

I will post below with his confirmation… Just message Gary if your interested in buying him.


Would like starting bid at like 27
Buyout I would say is like 29

For Sale

29bill B/O

Sold Convo me ingame

Isk sent

Petition sent for plex transfer

Still no character transfer notice from CCP…what’s up?

They have been getting slower and slower… Lemme go ask on the petition thing

You would think they would fix it so we can do it with plex and save themselves the hassle

Just added to the petition… Sometimes it takes 24 hours but they transfer immediately when they process the petition so there is no 10 hour wait

Still nothing? This is getting strange.

If it doesent go today ill use my card… they are usually faster then this

Sorry forgot to update–received toon, thanks very much Gary, i know it was CCP taking a little extra time there. GF!

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