WTS: ~ 35.5m SP Minmatar pilot (750k unallocated)


My master is selling me:


  • Short name
  • Short corp history
  • Remap available
  • Worth to check out
  • Positive wallet
  • No kill Rights
  • Positive Sec. status
  • Positive Wallet balance
  • Char will be in Jita
  • All CCP Rules apply

Start: 30B
B/O: Make me a nice offer

I am in no hurry to sell.

Weekend Bump

28 bil

A suuny bump to the top :slight_smile:

To the top

To the top we go

And the week is at the right side again \o/

step by step to the weekend

29.5 bil


Please send info and payment, so i can start the transfer.

ISK and account information has been sent.


Support ticket is created for transfer:


Char should be received

He is indeed, character received in good order!

Thanks again!

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