WTS Starter Character - 5.0m SP with 185k Unallocated

SP - 4,861,708 + 185,000 Unallocated


Positive Sec Status
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Yearly Remap - 7 months from now
Bonus Remap - 1

I will receive ISK. I will pay Transfer Fee.

Starting bid - 3 bil
B/O - 4 bill

Ready for sale, looking for a fast sale!




3.2B final

make it 3.5B and we have a deal

I can offer you 3.4 Now.

Its all i have at the moment.

sounds good, send the isk and the account info pls

I do in a minute, please be ready

sure, thank you!

ik and account sent

Transfer of character is underway, thank you again

CCP Email received, ty.