WTS 5 mil SP Starter Character (185k Unallocated SP)

Selling this awesome starter character :sunglasses:

  • Date of Birth - 2017-05-27
  • Skill Points - 4,788,344
  • Unallocated SP - 185,000
  • Yearly Remap - 1
  • Bonus Remaps - 1
  • SOE lev 4 missions available
  • Clean employment history

All CCP rules apply.

Price - 3B (no more, no less)

still selling?

yes, bump!

Ready to buy. On what character should I send the isk?

Send the isk and account info to this character, Wolftorpin

I sent 3b from character: Arevianewada Loyst. Account name is in description of isk transfer

Character transfer initiated
Thank you!

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