WTS 5.5M Starter

No assets, kill rights ect, positive wallet, no remaps but 27 in intelligence and 21 in memory.
located in jita

4 B offered

Accepted, send isk and account info via ingame mail please.

Buyer unresponsive, character still for sale!

ill take for 3.9b ?

will take 4b

bump bump

When is the next remap?

Next march

Ouch. Sorry man, I think I’ll pass.

Bumpity bump

2.8 bil, hard to go above that with no remap

3bn final offer, isk ready. Like they said, no remap hurts a bit.

Hardly, can still be used as an sp farm the way the attributes are. For 3b I may as well biomass him. Still 4b for who ever wants it

meet you in the middle with 3.5bn if sealed within 24 hours.

3.6b isk ready

Is this for sale or still a query?

Is still for sale, 4b isk.

4bn b/o. Looking to move quick :slight_smile:

Send account info and isk via evemail.