WTS 5m Sp Cyber V awesome starter for sale SP Farm (SOLD)

-Positive Sec Status
-Positive Wallet
-No Kill Rights
-Positive Sec Status

-Cyber V
-Basic Armor Skills at V
-Core Engineering Skills at V


Located in Jita 4-4

Starting bid B/O 4.5B

Bump will take offers

Bump Still for sale



Bump still for sale

Bump Still for sale


Bump Need to Sell

The toon is not yet at 5m Sp as stated, I will offer you 3B ISK for it.

i am taking my offer of the table.

3B to low anyways So Bump 4.5B


Kind of an odd skill set, and no implants.
How’s 3.5bil sound?

Normally i would take that offer but, I use plex for transfers and 3.5b is to short id be not makeing isk off of it, So will only do 4.5B

No problem. Good luck to you.

How long does the transfer take with using plex?
I really like the name.

once ccp reads the ticket 10 hours same as if you pay rl money

Alright, let’s do this.
4.5bil offered.
Ready when you are.

Send isk and account info and ill start transfer thro support