WTS 5m Sp Cyber V awesome starter for sale SP Farm (SOLD)

(YellowRubberDucky) #1

-Positive Sec Status
-Positive Wallet
-No Kill Rights
-Positive Sec Status

-Cyber V
-Basic Armor Skills at V
-Core Engineering Skills at V


Located in Jita 4-4

Starting bid B/O 4.5B

(YellowRubberDucky) #2

Bump will take offers

(YellowRubberDucky) #3

Bump Still for sale

(YellowRubberDucky) #4


(YellowRubberDucky) #5


(YellowRubberDucky) #6

Bump still for sale

(YellowRubberDucky) #7

Bump Still for sale

(YellowRubberDucky) #8


(YellowRubberDucky) #9

Bump Need to Sell

(Kentaro Smith) #10

The toon is not yet at 5m Sp as stated, I will offer you 3B ISK for it.

(Kentaro Smith) #11

i am taking my offer of the table.

(YellowRubberDucky) #12

3B to low anyways So Bump 4.5B

(YellowRubberDucky) #13


(Scarsan Stripes) #14

Kind of an odd skill set, and no implants.
How’s 3.5bil sound?

(YellowRubberDucky) #15

Normally i would take that offer but, I use plex for transfers and 3.5b is to short id be not makeing isk off of it, So will only do 4.5B

(Scarsan Stripes) #16

No problem. Good luck to you.

(Scarsan Stripes) #17

How long does the transfer take with using plex?
I really like the name.

(YellowRubberDucky) #18

once ccp reads the ticket 10 hours same as if you pay rl money

(Scarsan Stripes) #19

Alright, let’s do this.
4.5bil offered.
Ready when you are.

(YellowRubberDucky) #20

Send isk and account info and ill start transfer thro support