WTS 5M SP Character


Located in Jita
NPC Corp
Positive Sec Status
Positive Wallet
No Kill rights
1 Remap available

3 Clones

  1. Mid-Grade Asklepian set + Omega & Gunnery implants
  2. +4s & Scanning implants
  3. +5s & Gunnery ( Located in Null)

Starting Bid: 4b
B/O 5b

Daily bump

daily bump

daily bump

Daily bump

Daily bump

Daily bump

Still for sale

2B offer

Offer doesn’t meet minimum but thanks for the bump

I am giving this sale 1 more day if b/O isn’t reached sale will be closed and canceled

Will you accept 3.5bil?

Sorry no

Then I’ll bid 4bil

Sale will close within 7 hours if b/O not reached

If it has to be buyout price, I’ll be take the character for 5bil

Send isk and account name and i can start the transfer

It’ll be another 4-5 hours. Not home at the moment

no problem just send it when you get home and I will start the transfer

Still interested?