WTS myself, main char, 60M SP

(Piugattuk) #1

No password.
Can fly: Minmatar carriers, gallente carriers
most t1 subcaps
Amarr JF,
Basic Rorqual skills.

Positive wallet, located in highsec
Looking for a quick sale.
Start Bid: 48B
Buyout: 58B

I will abide by the CCP rules of character transfer.
Happy Bidding!

(Piugattuk) #2

bump of the day

(Piugattuk) #3

Daily bump,

(Aiko H) #4

36b isk ready

(Absolute Truth) #5

39b offered

(Piugattuk) #6

Closing bids in 24 hours time. Highest bidder in 24 hours wins, and will recieve this character.

(Aiko H) #7

39.5b isk

(Piugattuk) #8

Character is all yours. Inform when ISK sent and account details, etc.


(The Durantis) #9

40b sounds better

(Piugattuk) #10

I’m not entirely sure I’m allowed to go back on my word? But if the rules have no problems with it, then I guess nor do I. If you’re happy to take away the thing now :slight_smile:

(The Durantis) #11

convo in game

(Piugattuk) #12

Just updating, then I’ll login and contact you.

(system) #13

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