WTS myself, main char, 60M SP

No password.
Can fly: Minmatar carriers, gallente carriers
most t1 subcaps
Amarr JF,
Basic Rorqual skills.

Positive wallet, located in highsec
Looking for a quick sale.
Start Bid: 48B
Buyout: 58B

I will abide by the CCP rules of character transfer.
Happy Bidding!

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bump of the day

Daily bump,

36b isk ready

39b offered

Closing bids in 24 hours time. Highest bidder in 24 hours wins, and will recieve this character.

39.5b isk

Character is all yours. Inform when ISK sent and account details, etc.


40b sounds better

I’m not entirely sure I’m allowed to go back on my word? But if the rules have no problems with it, then I guess nor do I. If you’re happy to take away the thing now :slight_smile:

convo in game

Just updating, then I’ll login and contact you.

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