WTS: 67mil SP Character

I am for sale https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Brave_LittleToaster

Can fly JF/Nag/DST, various other ships and uses as an alt.

Character is in NPC corp, Positive Wallet, Positive Sec Status.

CCP rules to be followed and character transfer will be paid for, not via plex.

Please don’t offer me extraction value as I could do that myself, I’m looking for 65-70bil or make me a close offer.

45Bil offer

45,5 b ready now

Not even close guys.





Getting closer to what I’m looking for.

55 bil


57 bil

Going to end this at 15:00 eve time, currently John you are the highest bidder at 57bil, should no one else bid you will get the character.

should i send isk and account name now?

Yes mate, will start process once isk and account name received

isk and account name sent!!

Transfer started mate.

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