WTS 48 mil sp Character

(Don wau) #1


No kill rights. Positive wallet.

48 BIL buy out

will consider other offers

will be using plex to make transfer

(Raiven Parker) #2

40Bill online now

(Don wau) #3

thank you for the offer but looking for a bit more

(Raiven Parker) #4

Ill got to 42.5 Bill but thats about the highest you’re gonna get. Nobody is gonna pay 1 bill / 1m SP

(Don wau) #5

was hoping for 43 but I will do 42.5
selling to [Raiven Parker] for 42.5 bil waiting for ingame isk and name of account to transfer to, to begin transfer

(Raiven Parker) #6

ISK + Account info sent

(Don wau) #7

transfer underway thank you for your purchase

(system) #8

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