49.4 m sp for sale

No killrights
Possitive wallet
Pilot in high sec
Ready for transfer
Star bid is 35b

I can do 35

If no one offers me more in the next few hours, I let him go for 35 bil.

Ok, lets do it. 35 bil bid accepted

offeres 36 bil in mail earlier

37 bil (character transfer with $ )

I didnt see your mail, all bids should be made here on the forum

Are you still interested in toon? I confirmed your offer, but there is no answer from you, although you are online? Tell me whether you are buying or not. I hope to get a prompt reply

yes I am Im getgin on now

sorry was napping at my keyboard lol

getting ISK into 1 location and sending mail momentarily


Isk and Account Details Sent

Again sorry for my unexpected nap time :slight_smile: too much eve I guess lol

Np, I ll login soon and check, and fill the transfer ticket asap

Isk received, ticket sent

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