Sold ))

I am for sale, looking for a new home to cause trouble in.

It has 75,328,753 sp total (74,771,248 + unallocated)
with 557,505 spare in to spend on something.
Toon will be located in jita 4-4

Remap available
positive wallet & sec status

All race Cruisers V
Jump Skills V
Good support skills

Starting Bid 65 Bil

buyout : I don’t know, something that makes me giggle and feel pretty

Auction ends 3.22.18 00:00 eve time or unless buyout is agreed to.
Post here, I check it throughout the day until auction ends , as its not my main eve mails will be quiet a bit slower to respond to.

All CCP rules apply I pay the transfer feee

Try out let me know if it doesn’t show the right SP

65 billion

Nope that did it ! thanks


66 bil

67 bil


Thanks for the nice bids, Auction ends tomorrow 00:00

If your still interested, send me account info to start the transaction and the isk. That will be the end of this my friend

ISK and account info sent

isk receded account transfer started, Thanks

Email confirmation of transfer received. Thank you.

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