SOLD -WTA 50m SP PVP Character - SOLD

Selling this guy;

Located in Jita, Pos Isk, no kill rights, -4.5 sec
Can fly dread, fax, carrier, super carrier, etc,…
Had all the Fleet support skills but are extracted.

Offers plz


43b offerd

43.5 bil

Thx for the offers; going to let it run ~ 24 hrs and see what comes in.

44b offerd

Thx for high bid Watch UUU, going to close Auction in a few hours now.


Auction ends at 22:00 Eve time, good luck,

Auction ending with xalongskam high bid.
Send Isk and Acct info to me and I can start transfer.

ISK and account name sent. Thank you and good night.

Isk recieved but it seems they can only do one transfer at a time per acct. I have one in process now that will complete in 8 hrs. If you can wait, I will start yours the minute that one is done. Sorry, I didn’t realize that was going to happen.

Thats okay, just start it whenever its possible.

Ok, thx, will post when it’s started.

you said 24 hour,for my tiezone ,i am sleeping,when i get up .u finished?i want this .45B offerd!!!

from is just 22H after you have said let it runs 24H. if you want to change idea,plz mail me ! I can not log on ,but i can mail u through neocom

it is not fair. why u cant wait for more 2 hour! i really want to cry! can u let the bid runs more 12hour?

Sorry, I meant 24 hrs from original post of auction. It went 17 hrs with you not bidding at all.
I figured the auction had run it’s course.

Transfer has been initiated; you should get email soon.

Confirmation mail received, thank you!