WTS PI Characters 1 x 8.5m SP with supports

Hi capsuleers

Looking to do a bit of spring cleaning for my account

8.5 Million Skill Point - PI - Engineering/Gunnery Supports - T1 Ships

Jump Clones - Null Sec and High Sec (high sec with a set of +4 implants)
Character will be jumped to High Sec at end of sale

All characters will come with a positive isk balance, and zero current kill rights

I will pay the transfer fee and the isk will be transferred to the character being sold. Please note that the two 3.8m characters are on the same account and I believe there is a 10 hour delay and one account can only transfer one character at a time.

Sale will be up for a week. Looking for a quick reasonable sale. Thank you all for looking.

5b :slight_smile:

If there’s no other bids in the next 24 hours it’s yours

5.2b :grinning:

Sale will close 24 hours from this post and highest bid will win. Thank you all for the interest and happy (i think) to be back in eve.

6B offer

I’ll offer 5.3b in case the one above pulls back his offer.

Sale has now ended.

Withouttower Squirrel is the winner with a 6B offer.

Please transfer the isk to Annie and please eve mail the account to transfer to. I’ll post a confirmation when this is under way.

Thank you all.

Isk and info sent in game



17 Sep 2020 03:38

EVE Character transfer

Payment Method

Account Information

EVE Character transfer


All prices shown in USD

Transfer Initiated. Cheers

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