Want to sell my accnt

Total Skillpoints: 16,151,993
Unallocated Skillpoints: 32,000
Total Skillpoints: 16,183,993

ISK Balance: 400 000 000 ISK
Character Location : Jita
No kill right
Jump clone set in Jita

I pay the transfert

B/O: 15b

10b offert

Up a little bit to 15b and it’s yours today

11B ready now

11.5b ready

12B here

12.5b ready

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12 ready

13b if 2 neural remaps still available

13.5 same condition b/o

15 biliion b/o

15.5b bo

16 billion

Aditional Information : 2 neural Remaps Available,
If there is no other offer today @Equinox_Limelight will be accepted,

@Equinox_Limelight Accepted then,
Ready for the transfert,
Waiting for the ISK and the acc details,

Sounds good, isk and account name sent