WTS 60M+ SP PVE/PVE Pers Acc

Looking to sell my character,

Birthday : 2021-08-24
SP : 60,989,278
Unallocated Skillpoints: 119,500
Total SP : 61,108,778

Can fly all marauder (IV), Carrier and Dread with T2 weapons,
BLOPS specialisation (JDC 5)

I pay the transfer

B/O : 40 B

41 B buyout as agreed upon. I’ll send the ISK and account details right now.

@Riperd_Jacks Accepted
Waiting ISK

ISK and account details sent

ISK Received,
I Start the transfert

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Transfert Done,
Waiting for confirmation mate

Confirming character is on its way to my account. Thank you

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